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Building the Meal – Livestream Edition

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My Old Neighborhood

These pictures were taken in 2006.

Matthew & Claudia – 1 Year Anniversary

04-09-10 Matthew & Claudia 1 Year Anniversary
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2002 Matthew Playing Baseball – Boom!

2002 Marlin’s Boom!
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Snow Shoveling Follies

02-10-10 A Little Snow Falls in Glenview

We received about 14″ of snow at my house. All this fell over the course of about 36 hours. I LOVE SNOW!

Here’s a view from my roof.

02-05-10 The Surprise

The kids flew in to surprise their mother for her birthday.

Casey playing the drums with the “School of Rock” band

Flowers from Mom


Live Streaming: Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Watch us slave over stove and oven in preparation of our Thanksgiving feast!

The live stream is over. Thanks to those who decided to tune in and Happy Thanksgiving!

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